These are the most luxurious Camaro mats made. Luxe mats are constructed with a flexible layer of polyurethane “sponge” sandwiched between the yarn face and rubber backing. This special urethane core allows the mat to more closely conform to the floor, helps prevent slipping and creasing, provides an extra barrier to outside noise and heat and makes LUXE Mats completely waterproof. GM-licensed Camaro emblems are ultrasonically “welded” deep into the carpet pile. LUXE mats are simply the finest custom fit Camaro floor mats on the market.


  • Premium continuous filament nylon yarn for durability
  • Three pounds of 2-ply nylon yarn in each square yard, triple the weight of most original equipment mats
  • Yarn is twisted and heat set for excellent crush resistance
  • Scotchgard™ treated for soil and stain resistance
  • Multi-layer backing maintains shape, water-resistance, insulation and provides anti-skid properties
  • Factory compatible anchoring devices, or Lloyd’s proprietary mat anchor hooks keep mats firmly in place
  • Dozens of licensed Camaro logos from First through Fifth Generation and hundreds more trademark, lifestyle and personalized designs for all makes & models
  • Computer-driven cutting process insures precise, consistent fit
  • Larger with greater floor coverage and protection than factory mats
  • Custom fit for all Camaro models from 1967 to present and virtually all vehicles sold in the U.S. since 1950
  • Camaro Floor and trunk mats
  • Warranty: As long as the original purchaser owns the vehicle